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Is it time to refresh the paint on your home?  Is the color starting to fade to a point where you always think about painting your home when you pull up to it in your car?  If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then you already know it is time to paint your house.

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Now that you know it is time to paint your home, give is a call at 402-590-9141 to get an estimate for the cost.  We offer competitive pricing and deliver excellent results. No matter how large or compact your home may be, we provide outstanding results very quickly. Our preparation and painting processes are well defined and work extremely well.

we'll help you select a great color for your house

Sometimes it is good to mix things up, and if you decide to change the color of your home, or if you would like help in selecting a new color, we are here to provide assistance.  One of our painting experts can guide you through the decision process and help assess the impacts of your color questions and decisions.  Sometimes it's also just nice to bounce ideas off a painting pro.

Omaha Painters

When you notice your building or residence is beginning to look worn down, one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to restore it is with a fresh coat of paint. If your facility needs painting attention, do your research to find the best Omaha painters for your needs and budget.

Residential and Commercial Painting: Not a DIY Job

Many homeowners and property managers are tempted to take on exterior painting themselves to save money. However, if you have done it before, you probably quickly learned that this is not a simple DIY task.

Good professional painters are experienced at working with the materials and equipment required for a lasting paint job. They have a proven system for the entire process, from the initial preparations to final delivery, enabling timely completion of work. They also know how to navigate ladders and scaffolding without getting injured. The investment in professional painting is worth the reduced risk and quality results you need.

Hiring Painters

First, request that painters come out to provide a free estimate for your property. It should detail the prep work required, materials needed, timeline for completion and work schedule.

Be sure that every detail is spelled out so as to avoid costly change orders. In addition, ask to see customer testimonials and photos of completed work or addresses of local facilities they’ve painted. Comb through the contract carefully before signing to see that every aspect of the job is spelled out prior to work beginning.

Choosing Colors

Your homeowner’s association or property manager might have rules about what colors you can use on your building or home. Ask them first so you don’t settle on a color that isn’t allowed or that doesn’t blend well with the neighborhood and landscaping.

It often helps to drive around the area to see how others have painted their buildings. Your painters can also work with you to select the right color combinations within a range of hues.


It’s essential that the work surface is properly prepared for the best adhesion of the paint to the surface. Your painters should put in the time and effort to create a clean, smooth working surface for your new paint job.

Prep work may include power washing, scraping, scrubbing and sanding to remove peeling paint, dirt, mildew and grime. Any structural repairs should be completed at this stage as well.


As the work ensues, your painters should be comfortable with you checking on the progress and asking any questions along the way. If it appears that the schedule is getting off track, speak up and inquire about the delay. In addition, check that the painters are cleaning up daily, packing up materials and removing any debris as they work.


Ask the painters to walk you through the finished product. Inspect their work, ask questions and make sure every detail of your contract has been addressed. Remember, you are paying for the work. You want it to be done correctly so you can get on with enjoying your freshly painted building or home!

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