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For the longest lasting and highest quality paint job, select a business that has years of experience in the business.

Surface Preparation

The key to a great paint job is the peparation of the surface to be painted. This preparation can include pressure washing, scraping, sanding, identifying and fixing surface defects, removing and replacing caulking and window putty and generally making sure the surface is clear of debris or dirt so the paint has a clean suface to adhere to.

Paint Selection

Our experience has shown that Behr Premium paints perform extremely well in our Nebraska climate.  They provide excellent durability and protection and a long lasting finish that resists moisture, fading and stains as well as mildew and corrosion.  We have had many satisfied customers who have converted to Behr paints.

The painting process

We've been arond for many years and have developed a process that combines efficiency and high quality results in a relatively short time frame.  This means that if you are in a hurry to get your job completed for a special event, you'll be sure to want to give us a call..

There’s nothing like adding a fresh coat of paint to your home to transform it from “run-down” to looking like new again. By hiring professional painters, you can increase your home’s curb appeal, safeguard it from harsh weather and create an attractive exterior to come home to daily.

When Is the Right Time to Paint?

You might not instantly realize that your home needs a painting refresh. As a general rule, peeling paint is the most obvious sign that it’s time to call for professional painting services. Pay special attention to the areas of your exterior that are exposed to the elements most frequently, as this is where the paint is likely to show the most wear.
Keep in mind, peeling paint is an open invitation for water to seep into the wood and cause rot. You’ll be far happier spending the money on a fresh coat of paint now rather than on costly structural repairs later on down the road.

Choosing a Paint Color

Before settling on a paint color, check the guidelines of your homeowner’s association, if any. You don’t want to fall in love with a color only to find out it doesn’t fall within your HOA’s rules.

That said, with or without an HOA, you want to choose a shade that complements your neighborhood. Your neighbors will appreciate your thoughtfulness in selecting a neutral color scheme that blends with its surroundings, rather than loud shades that make your home look more like a fun house than a residence! If you need help selecting a color, check with your house painter; they paint homes for a living, so they likely will have good suggestions for your neighborhood.

Choosing a Type of Paint

Exterior paint is formulated differently that interior paint, for good reasons. The binders and additives of outdoor paint weather-proof your home, protecting it from sun, wind, snow and other elements. You’ll want to work with your house painter to select the right kind of paint based on the typical weather patterns of where you live, but the following are top considerations to know when selecting a type of paint:

  • Painting surface Textured surfaces such as stucco or brick require a different type of paint than flat surfaces such as wood or siding. “Elastomeric” paint is ideal for textures because it stretches more than standard paint to cover small gaps in the surface, so you get an evenly covered paint application.

  • Weather — Ask your painter to help you choose the right paint for the Omaha climate. Oil-based paint resists wind, rain and temperature changes, but it degrades in sunlight. Meanwhile, latex paint works well in hot, dry climates. Specialty outdoor paint options include paint with fungicide added to resist mold, as well as flame-resistant brands. Your painter can present you with all of your options and help you choose a paint type that works with your budget and needs.
When the time comes to paint your home, it’s best to opt for top-quality work and materials. The cost of hiring professional house painters to apply a durable, long-lasting paint to your home will pay off, considering that you are protecting and enhancing one of your largest investments.
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