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Your deck is an important asset to your home. The parties, gatherings and time with loved ones outside your home create memories and emotions that can last a lifetime. With Nebraska's sometimes harsh weather, it is important to properly maintain your deck to extend its life.

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If you need a deck restoration, deck refinishing or any deck repairs, we're the company to call. Our services include deck building and repairs, deck cleaning and power washing, deck staining and waterproofing, and anything else to help you maintain this valuable home asset.

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Throughout the years have have developed a proprietary process that provides outstanding deck refinishing results. We have honed our skills to the highest level of quality. Our deck refinishing teams have decades of experience in both building and refinishing decks. This experience means you get the best possible job, and done right the first time.

Deck Staing Omaha NE

Deck staining, as the term suggests, is the application of a stain on the wood that makes up the deck. Deck staining is done after the previous stain has faded. There are four different types of deck stains, each type with distinct characteristics and advantages.

The clear water repellent stain is the basic stain if you only want minimal protection for between half a year and two years. Other than UV protection and waterproofing, some clear water repellent stains also offer some level of mildew protection. This is the best stain if you do not want to change the appearance of the wood making the deck since it is clear and one can clearly see the grains on the wood.

The colored water repellent stain is somewhat clear with just a light tint. This mild tinting provides some level of protection against UV rays and it helps mask minor damage to the wood. As the term suggests, the colored water repellent stain is waterproof, making it ideal for use in areas that receive high rainfall, heavy snowing, or that have a high humidity.

The semi-transparent stain has more tinting than the colored water repellent stain. The tinting offers excellent protection against the sun’s UV rays. The stain is water proof for up to three years. You have to match the stain with the decking material as well as the color of the deck; otherwise it will look out of place.

Finally, the solid stain is a paint-based stain. You should only go for this stain if you do not care much about seeing the texture of the wood since it leaves very little. The stain comes with extra color pigment which means you will go up to five years without staining.

The water and the UV resistance increase the life of your deck, meaning huge cost savings. Mildew and mold resistance are important because mildew and mold contribute to pet and human allergies and illness. Other than the UV protection, water resistance, and mildew protection, deck staining Omaha, NE is also advantageous in that it enhances the look of your deck. The improved aesthetic appeal means improved resale value.

It is easier to clean and maintain a deck that has been stained. The fact that you can use water freely to clean a stained deck means the deck will be much cleaner. Deck staining is indeed better than painting because painting obscures the wood grain.

Deck Painting Versus Staining

It can be tempting to think you can simply paint over a worn deck and achieve the same results as staining. However, paint does not penetrate wood the same way that stains do, and paint therefore tends to “lay” on the deck. As your deck is exposed to the elements, such as rain, snow and weather extremes, the deck will swell and shrink, and the paint will begin to chip and peel. Eventually, the wood will rot, and you’ll be left with an eyesore in your backyard rather than an attractive, comfortable space for entertaining and relaxing.

In contrast, a high-quality stain and sealer will soak into the wood grain and seal it while also allowing moisture to escape from the wood. As a result, you get a beautiful deck that won’t chip, peel or crack despite the weather and heavy use.

Keep in mind that a darker stain will best protect your deck from fading and moisture. However, even a lighter tint is better than paint or no protection at all. For this well-loved area of your home, you can be sure that a proper deck staining is well worth the extra investment.
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