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The basics of a deck

Decks are flat, outdoor surfaces that, just like floors, have the capability to support weight. They are often elevated and connected to the main building. Decks provide both a social and space expansion feature to your home.

Benefits of a nice deck

Deck building is important because it helps you extend the living area of the house. This space is highly usable and helps decongest the main building. You could also put up a BBQ where you will be entertaining guests. In addition you can include dining spaces where the family can take meals together. Other usage options are benches and couches. When decks are fully covered your family and guests can enjoy time outdoor without being rained on or being exposed to the sun.

More reasons to like decks

A deck allows you to relax outside if there is activity indoors. The silence allows you to unwind after a hard day at work. The space is also perfect for activities that you do by yourself such as book reading, writing, taking a nap, and replying to emails.   A deck is a good alternative to a stone-based patio since it is more temporary. Deck building is cheaper than building a patio. You could build a freestanding deck. These decks are versatile and can be moved around.

Deck Styles to Consider

Your choice of design depends largely on the style of your home. For example, contemporary homes will look best with a modern design, featuring sleek lines and basic shapes, while a cottage home will work well with more ornate features, decorative post caps, designer balusters and warm woods such as cedar or redwood. The idea is to make your deck an extension of your home so that it blends seamlessly with the interior design.

Deck Designs to Consider

The design of your deck also depends largely on your available space and the layout of your home. The following are common types of decks from which to choose:

  • Platform. For single-level homes with level lots, a platform deck is the simplest option. Low to the ground and attached to the home, these types of decks often require no railings. However, be sure to waterproof the structure to protect it from the ground underneath by applying at least two coats of protective sealer, and choose materials that are rated for direct ground contact.
  • Raised. If your home has an above-grade first floor, you’ll need a raised deck with railings and stairs.
  • Two-story. Much more complex design-wise than the first two options, two-story decks provide outdoor living space for upper-level floors. You’ll need adequate structural posts and bracing to support the extra story.
  • Multilevel. For sloped lots, a multilevel decks provides a series of decks connected by stairways or walkways.
  • Freestanding. If your house does not allow for a ledger board, which is bolted to the home’s framing, a freestanding deck is a good option because it’s not attached to the house. In this case, footings, posts and beams replace the ledger.

MaterialsWe Use to Build Your Deck

  • Fasteners. We use bolts, not nails, in high-stress areas such as when attaching the deck to the ledger board. The bolts will hold the structure in place, while nails can easily come loose and result in a collapsed deck. In areas of less stress, such as where boards connect with joists, screws work well.
  • Concrete. Concrete footings support the posts of the deck and must be poured deep enough to withstand any ground changes during winter weather.
  • Lumber.  Pressure-treated lumber is a good choice for deck materials; other options include redwood or cedar, which naturally resist rot. The benefit of wood is that you can restain it every couple of years to restore its original look.
  • Support plates. Attach joists and piers to each other securely to form support structures for your deck. You’ll want joist hangers and brackets approved for use with treated lumber.
A sturdy deck is a beautiful addition to any size home. Not only will it expand your living area, but it also will add value to your home in the marketplace. Most importantly, it will become a place for memory-making amongst young and old alike in your family.
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