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If you have a large commercial project, a strip mall or even an airport to paint, call us for a competitive quote

Painting Services that to cater to your needs

We understand the requirements for many large-scale commercial paint jobs include the need to get in and get the job done as professionally and quickly as possible. Ourrefined painting process helps us meet the goals of large jobs by being extremely efficient at getting the job done right the first time while on a tight deadline.

Resources to scale to your requirements

In addition to our regular paint teams, we also have relationships that allow us to scale resources quickly in order to meet your timeline requirements.  We also have our own excess professional painting equipment on standby to quickly ramp up to any large scale project you may have.  This ability to scale both resources and equipment means you get the job done on time, on budget and to specifications.

The right team

Our skilled painting teams have the year of experience to know what to do and to get it done.  Executives know the right teams can make or break a project, and if your commercial project requires timely completion with excellent results, then contact us at 402-590-9141 to find out how we can help you on your next big project.

Commercial Painting Omaha NE

As a commercial property manager or owner, you know the importance of keeping the exterior of your building looking clean, inviting and professional. No customer wants to enter a run-down property, much less do business with its owners. Therefore, even if you’re on a tight budget, you need to make exterior building maintenance a key component of your business strategy.

One way to refresh and restore a commercial property’s exterior is with a good paint job completed by a professional painting company. These companies are familiar with a variety of building types and know exactly what kind of paint to use on your facility.

Do you own or manage any of the following commercial properties? If so, take a look at your building and consider calling in commercial painters if it’s showing signs of wear and tear.

  • Residential apartments and condos
  • Restaurants and fast-food establishments
  • Hotels, motels, resorts and other hospitality facilities
  • Retail malls, strip malls and big-box stores
  • Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, medical and assisted living facilities, and doctor’s and dentist’s offices
  • Industrial warehouses and storage facilities
  • Single-building offices and multi-building campuses
  • Institutional schools, community centers, city offices and sports facilities

Choosing an Omaha Painting Contractor

You want the job done right if you’re going to spend the money on commercial painting services. Look for the following qualities as you research painters and inquire about their services.

  1. Detailed estimate. Your contractor should come out to your site and provide a free project estimate after thoroughly inspecting your property. Expect certain variables to affect the overall estimate, such as job size (the volume or surface area to be painted), prep work required and finishing application (e.g., commercial paint, spray finish, powder coating). Ask as many questions as needed to understand each project cost and get straightforward, detailed responses to your questions.

  2. Clear contract. When you’re ready to sign a contract, check that every issue is addressed that you discussed during the estimate phase. Be sure you agree to the terms and pricing, and you’re fairly certain there will not be a need for costly change orders. If you’re unclear on any portion of the contract — for instance, why a certain primer or powder coating is indicated — get your questions clarified before signing anything. Also, make sure you understand the schedule and timeline for completion and that it fits with your expectations.

  3. Thorough prep work. No matter what kind of building you have, it’s essential that it be power-washed and, if necessary, scraped or sanded and any repairs completed prior to work beginning. A clean, smooth surface allows for proper application of primers and paints. For the paint to adhere properly and last, you don’t want your painters to rush through the preparation phase.

  4. Scheduling. Although it’s important not to rush the prep work, you also don’t want your painters to relax on the job. Be certain that your painters will stick to deadlines and work diligently to complete the job on schedule. Ask for customer testimonials and, if possible, addresses of facilities that the painters have worked on previously. Don’t be afraid to drive by and make sure you like the quality of their work!

  5. Professional work. Ask whether the contractor will be respectful to the surrounding community to minimize disruptions in your neighborhood. Clean, contained work areas and professional workers keep your local reputation intact with those who work or live near your facility. In addition, make sure your painters will take the time to walk you through the finished product and conduct any quality assurance that’s needed.

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your building. When the work is completed, celebrate by inviting your customers in for a grand reopening or a customer appreciation day!

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